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bde2327 replied to the thread Driver license in Italy on the Italy forum:
Landarch initially posted:
In order to drive in Italy one must take the very difficult exam which is timed also in Italian only. Looks like we will not be retiring to italy
bde2327 replied on June 28, 2015 with: I used this site. It mimics the exact test you take.
LindaAnn replied on June 05, 2015 with:
What is a link for the online sample test?
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maluza86 replied to the thread Mail Forwarding Service on the Italy forum:
whidden39 initially posted:
Can anyone recommend a good mail forwarding/scanning service in the US? I have a line on several, but a recommendation always counts.
maluza86 replied on June 24, 2015 with:
Agree with Jackster, it's a cell phone number.
rcoppol replied on June 23, 2015 with:
Jackster, That explains a lot. The 'cell number' did not precede the name of the town but came after the name of the town and province abbreviation. So, it wasn't in the postal code position. The person just left the postal code out of the reply information. Thank You Thanks
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rhiannontw replied to the thread Yoga in Tuscany on the Italy forum on June 18, 2015:
rhiannontw initially posted:
I thought it would be helpful to expat members to know that there will be a yoga event in Caprese Michelangelo in early September this year.It will be taught by Susan Metwali who has 25 years' experience of teaching. Residents and non-residents are all welcome. For further information contact me here.
rhiannontw replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Michael Oceane Please email me on Thanks
rhiannontw replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Message for Michael and wife Please contact me on for full details of the yoga in Tuscany. We would love you to join us!
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detulliolaw replied to the thread ongoing property taxes on the Italy forum:
Jergirl initially posted:
The information I've have is that the annual tax on a property in Italy is based on value. Is size not a factor at all? Perhaps there are local taxes, such as municipal taxes, that take size into account? I am looking at apartments in Siracusa, and am weighing different factors. Thanks for any ideas.
detulliolaw replied on June 17, 2015 with:
Hello Jergirl, probably it's a bit too late, however you may find it useful reading our article on Municipal taxes on Italian property: Regards De Tullio Law Firm
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detulliolaw replied to the thread Italy or Bust -- finalmente! on the Italy forum:
whidden39 initially posted:
After more than 15 years of planning and dreaming, it looks like I will be living in Puglia starting in late July. The buyers of my house have their mortgage commitment and I have my plane tickets (cat included). The adventure begins! Thanks to all those in this forum that helped me get to this level. I will return the favor as I learn new ways in my adopted home. My grandparents came to America in 1906 and made a good life here. If only they were still alive to know that I am returning to the motherland.
detulliolaw replied on June 16, 2015 with:
Congratulations for your decision! I believe it might be of your interest reading our Property buying guide: or watching our video on preventible mistakes when buying a property in Italy: Regards De Tullio Law Firm
detulliolaw replied on June 16, 2015 with:
Congratulations for your decision. I believe it might be ofyour interest reading our Property buying guide or watching our video on preventible mistakes when buying a property in Italy Regards De Tullio Law Firm
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Imodica replied to the thread Living 6 months in the Northern & Southern Areas on the Italy forum:
Imodica initially posted:
My husband and I have pretty much determined that our first 6-months stay next year will be Parma. Close to trains and busses and a pedestrian/bike friendly town. We need help with the south. We are again trying to stay central to make visiting/researching the area easier. Any suggestions? We are looking at: Potenza, Benevento, Campobasso area. Same needs apply: pedestrian/bike friendly with easy transportation access.
Imodica replied on June 15, 2015 with:
Thank you Theresa. I agree about the further south you go the harder it is going for us to find a "home base" so to speak. We just think it would be less expensive to have a location where we can travel to and from - exploring as we go. I'll check out your suggestion and see what around. If we can't find a southern home base, we might just do the entire year in Florence and go north & south from there. Thanks.
TheresaIT replied on June 15, 2015 with:
I spent a few days in Potenza and like the area, although not everyone does. I didn't get around much due to a leg injury, but people seemed friendly enough. I had rental car, so not sure about the transportation piece. You could go on Trenitalia's website to explore travel from one area to the next, for instance Potenza to Naples. Traveling by public transportation becomes a bit more challenging when you get further south.
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jackdykes posted Retiring in Cremona on the Italy forum:
Does anyone know the plusses and minuses of retiring ing Cremona?
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Jergirl posted Summer Italian courses in Siracusa on the Italy forum:
I had earlier been in touch with this school: But they are not answering my emails. Can anyone recommend a Italian language school in Siracusa, preferably in Ortigia, where I can sign up for a week? thanks!
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Florence, Italy
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
If you like cities with a variety of culture and entertainment, skip Florence as a living post. Visit here and you'll love it. Living here (for me) has been very challenging and cold. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
This report is so supportive for me, as I'm still in my frustration phase and am so happy to see - I am not alone. I appreciate the fact it's a personal experience and some people just love it here. I don't. I find Italians to be narrow minded, captivated in Middle Age way of being, thinking and behaving. Anything which is out of their norm is perceived simply unwelcome. I have met beautiful souls here, I do speak about the majority. It really feels like italy is for Italians. Or for those who are happy to adopt the way of frustration as part of life, where you do nothing about it but laugh at it and forget about it with a good glass of wine.
A reader replied recently with:
Incidentally, I'm also in Tuscany (I'm the one who posted the previous comment), so if anyone with similar experiences here would like to be in touch, they can. I've also not been able to get to know anyone here on anything beyond a very superficial level, which is weird for me too since I'm quite a social person.
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Paminusa replied to the thread Leaving Verona and lots of Items for Sale on the Italy forum:
Paminusa initially posted:
We have been in Verona less than one year and are returning to the US. We bought high end home products and need to leave them behind. Includes, Samsung washer and dryer, Fans, Ikea storage type furnture, Steamer iron, Vacuum cleaner, Floor steamer, Patio furniture, Toaster oven, and lots more! If you are in this area and want to pick up some nice household goods, respond to my message. My items are in a site called bookoo and my user name is Pam in Belfiore.
Paminusa replied most recently with:
Thanks, found it.
maluza86 replied most recently with:
You can click on the message link in the email and it will take you to the PMs (private messages). If no, go to your home page, where you will see all the conversation links. On the upper left of the page you will see links to "My Home", "PM", "Friends", etc. Click on PM and then the link to the specific message.
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