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jmalaspino replied to the thread Campli and Cannelli on the Italy forum on August 30, 2015:
jmalaspino initially posted:
Hello All, I just found this forum and have read quite a bit already. My GGF & GGM were from Campli and Cannelli di Teramo. I currently have someone looking into the 3 certificates needed. Is anyone familiar with this area? Do I have any chance of finding birth certificates from 1893 and marriage certificates from 1913? Thank you.....errrrr Grazie!
jmalaspino replied on August 30, 2015 with:
Sergios, Well that seems positive. I need 6 more certificates but those are in the US and all in one town. Hopefully that will be easy. Thank you.
Sergios replied on August 30, 2015 with:
Yes, yes you do. Contact the anagrafe office in the commune that they were born. Send a translated letter and include a pre-stamped, pre addressed envelope. Make sure you ask for the certificato di nascita e sposalizio integrale for both of them.
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JacksterJam replied to the thread Moving to Italy: What to Bring and Leave on the Italy forum:
Imodica initially posted:
We have begun to downsize but my two main questions still are kitchen stuff and personal stuff (flat & curling irons, hairdryers, kitchen gadgets). We are not bringing furniture or any large items. We are going to rent a furnished apartment but are there any "American" conveniences that I should consider bringing so I don't have to repurchase there? Hate to spend $ unnecessarily. Thanks!!
JacksterJam replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Any U.S. products will cost more here due to import/export taxes and the exchange rate. Thus, you will pay more for all Apple products. I buy mine in the U.S.
maluza86 replied on August 26, 2015 with:
I brought mine. A lot of electronics are dual voltage so check. My HP printer, MacBook, iMac all are so take a good look at your electronics first.
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Jergirl posted Cellphone reception and getting non-cellphone internet on the Italy forum on August 26, 2015:
I'm in my apartment in Siracusa. In general things are going well. However it turns out that there is zero reception (phone or internetc) from my phone inside my apartment. Even in the large courtyard under the open sky. I need to go out to the street and sit on the a bench in order to communicate. Does not help when others trying to contact me. I have never heard of such a thing. The walls are thick but I am familiar with such buildings elsewhere. 1: Has anyone encountered such a problem? I am using TIM. any solutions? 2. Is it possible to get regular wired internet as a non-resident (have valid codice fiscale). In general I did not check on this since it would mean paying for a whole year, I will be in the apartment only 4 or 5 weeks in the year. Thanks as usual!
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Jergirl replied to the thread HELP!!!!! on the Italy forum on August 26, 2015:
worriedsister initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am an expat that lived in Germany for over 5 years. I know how wonderful it can be. I am asking for help. My brother was on a segway tour around Rome. He was last seem by the Colosseum. He has now been missing for about 12 hours. The police were looking for him but nothing! Does this happen often? What should his wife do? Please find time in your heart to help. Thank you for your time
Jergirl replied on August 26, 2015 with:
OMG I just opened the forum and saw this post. Please tell us he was found!
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JacksterJam replied to the thread Staying in France - Traveling in Italy on the Italy forum on August 25, 2015:
Heartfulart initially posted:
I'm planning on staying in Angers, France for November and December and want to take a couple trips to Venice, Perugia and Pietrasanta to visit friends in Italy. Can anyone give me suggestions on the best way to get there and back? Thanks in advance for your help!
JacksterJam replied on August 25, 2015 with:
Well you can drive, which will take about 12-13 hours, take a train, which will take about 14/15 hours, or fly (nearest airport is in Nantes -100 km away), which will take about 5 hours for the flight.
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dsalem posted Moving to Verona on the Italy forum on August 24, 2015:
I am planning a move to Verona and could use advice as to where I should begin looking for an apartment. What are the best neighborhoods and how would I go about searching for a studio?
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JacksterJam replied to the thread Best Way to Find Room & Board Situation on the Italy forum on August 19, 2015:
levamariemilano initially posted:
I am moving to Milan September 22nd. I am looking for a room and board situation. What's the best way to do that? And what kind of visa do I require? Thank you!
JacksterJam replied on August 19, 2015 with:
Pardon me, but you can go to any of the websites. I meant to suggest that you go to the website of the office nearest to you because that is the consulate/embassy you will need to work with and who will issue your visa.
JacksterJam replied on August 19, 2015 with:
Where do you hold your citizenship? How long will you be in Italy? Are you a student, have work in Italy, etc.? If you are from the U.S. and plan to be in Italy for more than 90 days, you will need a visa. The visa process can take up to three months - it took the FBI 6 weeks to process my background check. You should go to the Italian Consulate/Embassy website nearest to where you live and read up on visas.
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maluza86 replied to the thread Paying bills without holding an Italian bank account on the Italy forum:
Jergirl initially posted:
I'm breaking off from the previous thread since the question is really about paying bills in Italy without having an Italian bank account. (The thread was about residency and taxation and taking residency in order to open a bank account and pay bills.) Is there a problem paying gas, electric and water bills without having an Italian bank account? I have never had a problem using credit cards in Italy, is it possible to pay bills with credit cards? If not, what are the options?
maluza86 replied most recently with:
If you are an Italian Citizen, which Whidden39 is, there is no problem opening an account at any bank. The problem arises with banks if you are not an Italian Citizen, but permanent resident, as I am. Although, my wife is an Italian Citizen I will remain a permanent resident. However, since we live off my pension I had to shop around and find a bank that would allow an non-Italian to obtain an account, which Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Sienna was "kind enough" to do.
whidden39 replied most recently with:
I'll present my Italian passport and have the US one in reserve.. I don't think that exempts them from reporting requirement to the US -- something that banks here don't seem to like. And I don't blame them.
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Sergios replied to the thread Contratti transitorio on the Italy forum:
velvet initially posted:
Hi All Could any one please tell me how much it costs to get a Contratti transitorio on an apartment. Do the tenants or landord pay for this and how much would it cost if the tenant pays. We will be required to lodge the document at the time of visa application and Permesso so will need two copies. Thanks Velvet
Sergios replied most recently with:
Oops. Sorry about that. I didn't need a visa because I came to require my citizenship.
velvet replied most recently with:
Thanks -Whidden I hope you are enjoying your new life in Italy.We love Fiesole as well and hadn't given it much thought until I accidently came across the apartment. If living in Italy becomes impossible because of the tax issues(and it gets worse the more I find out) we will just go and stay in Fiesole for 3 months. MAGICMAN- Thanks for all those links as they are very helpful. Regards to all velvet
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TL posted Italian news on the Italy forum:
I am creating new italian news aggregator site that show most of important news headlines in realtime. Make visit and improve your reading skills. Moved from Finland to Italy almost three years ago. No complains, i am very happy to be here.
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