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Kikimi replied to the thread having a baby overseas on the Italy forum on May 20, 2015:
valentinatp initially posted:
Dear all, can you please recommend the best places for a baby birth? By the best i mean the best price/quality. I do not have medical insurance, so will have to pay out of pocket. Concrete recommendations (hospitals and doctors with contacts) would be highly appreciated. Thanks! Valentina.
Kikimi replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Could you be a little more specific with where you are?
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maluza86 replied to the thread wife insecure about move on the Italy forum on May 20, 2015:
Zoomp initially posted:
Since i met my wife 21 years ago, she and I have planned to move to Calabria. She is 58 and takes thyroid medication. She is insecure about how to get medication as a resident. Also if we rent, she worries about legnth of stay issues as neither of us will be citizens. any help would be greatly appreciated
maluza86 replied on May 20, 2015 with:
If you get your Italian citizenship you don't have to worry about the permesso di soggiorno.
maluza86 replied on May 20, 2015 with:
No worries for sneaking a comment in. However, my permesso di soggiorno is valid until my passport expires in 2019. I've been living in Italy since Jan of 2014 and am not an Italian citizen, nor do I plan on becoming one. I have permission to stay and permanent residency. The only reason I can think is my wife is a dual citizen and my soggiorno says "motivo familiare". I also did not get a visa to come over. I came over on a regular tourist passport and just went down to the questura with my wife, my passport, birth certificate and proof of income and received my soggiorno two weeks later. I now have my carta d'identita, and residency permit as well. I've also left the country several times for weeks at a time without any issues.
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maluza86 replied to the thread Watching American TV in Italy on the Italy forum:
Sergios initially posted:
Lets face it, Italian TV for those used to American TV is terrible. Not to say that American TV is the greatest but the endless variety shows and game shows and the dozens of shopping networks makes Italian TV pretty miserable fare. To counteract this I brought an Apple TV with me. There starts my story of woe. There is a happy ending and everything turned the way I needed it to and it was dead simple to do in the end so if you want to skip the details and go to the solution, just go to the end. Before leaving for Italy a did some research and found that by using what is called a VPN setup, Virtual Private Network, I can fool the US based providers like HBO, HULU, and Netflix into not knowing I was trying to watch there stuff from outside the USA. They impose a Geoblock on such programming. The trick is to not let them know where your watching from. VPN, specifically for Apple TV but also for the other devices out there made by amazon and google and others, streaming devices, uses a second internet router attached to the home router you are using. This second router is instructed to go through a VPN provider [pay service] that channels the internet connection through servers that they have setup in many places in the US. I first used the most recommended of these, HideMyAss and soon found that either I had to by a specifically setup router through them, or I had to modify a recommended router using a third party software to “flash” my router. After searching all over Palermo I found one of the recommended routers and applied the flash according to instructions. The router, which I bought on sale for 100 euro, successfully bricked when I was done. To those who don’t now the technical jargon, bricked means that my brand new router was turned into a brick. It had the functionality of a brick and the usefulness of a brick. And since I flashed it I also removed the warrantee. After countless hours dealing with tech support I gave up on this company. Back to the internet I found another VPN company, pureVPN, that could work with existing routers, but only specific ones, none of which were available off the shelf in Palermo. So I ordered an Asus router from and waited. It took 2 weeks to get because of various issues I’m not going to get into but…it didn’t work. I spent hours, days with tech support but the unit would not do what it was supposed to do, allow me to see Hulu and HBO. Finally, I did some research on the internet and found out how to set it up and it worked, sort-of. I taught tech support how to do it. The problem was, however, that the connection was slow. It would constantly buffer while watching. The internet connection I had had been upgrade to the fastest available, for an added cost of $500/year but I was still get very slow throughput through the Asus router. SoI went into the menu and tinkered and found a setting that promised greater speed. I set it, rebooted the router and found that i was the proud owner of a second brick. Now a month into this and very frustrated, I did some more research. This time, by accident, I came across another company that did not use VPN but what is called Smart DNS. This does not require a router but just a simple setting on your computer and smart phone and directly into the Apple TV. to make the change takes minutes and costs nothing other than the monthly charge to the service provider. However, I soon found out that not all these service providers are up to standards. Some are more difficult to setuo than other and some do not work as advertised. Through trial and error I eventually found that I need two service providers. One for the AppleTV and the other for my wife’s obsession with pop american radio. I could not find one provider that would work with both. SmartyDNS is the company that works really well with the AppleTV and its only about $5.00 month while ExpressVPN is the company that works with radio stations. Only use the expressvpn while listening to the radio because it really slows down your computer or table if you try to surf the web or anything else. SmartyDNS is fast but I could not get it to allow me to listen to radio. Maybe there is a way. If anybody else finds it, please let me know. But for now, Game of Thrones will be on time and in HD.
maluza86 replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Are you referring to using cable service for a SlingBox? If so, it doesn't need to be in your name to use it. When I had a SlingBox off my Dishnetwork in the U.S., several of my family watched shows off of it without a problem. However, as I mentioned earlier, only one person can use it at a time.
johnbrad replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Nashville, Thank you. Say I get cable service here in TN or that my daughter has it? Can I use her service or does it have to be in my name? How many people can use the same cable service? Can I use cable that is in Canada or Mexico? To may questions I know.... Jaime
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maluza86 replied to the thread Teaching English...?Stay for > 90 Days? on the Italy forum on May 17, 2015:
johnbrad initially posted:
If you get a ESL job in Italy are you given a visa to stay more that 90 days. Or, if you marry an Italian citizen.... what is the process for getting a spousal visa? Married in Italy not outside. Thank you
maluza86 replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Hi there, no worries. Yes, I offered advice on SlingBox, VPN, DNS etc. I have Apple TV and I use my parent's Verizon account to access some of the non paying channels (ESPN, Disney, Etc), which has nothing to do with a SlingBox. As for using the account info, both my sons and my father in law use the account info as well and we have no problems.
johnbrad replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Nashville, Tn Thank you for your rely and good advice. I have been working out of town so late in getting back to you. ?Are you not the person who was helping me with the sling box ? If so, how many people can use a US or (CAN?) based cable address> So could one just offer to use yours.mine? Graci
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velvet replied to the thread housing requirements as part of elective residency visa on the Italy forum on May 17, 2015:
velvet initially posted:
Hi All As part of the elcetive residency visa requirements proof of housing (rental agreement) is required. I have read the visa requirements (even so far as the legislation) and it does not state how long the rental agreement should be. Should I presume it is for 12 months or can I provide a rental agreement for the first four months(Lucca) when I make the visa application. We were hoping to live for 4 months in each region(Umbria,Tuscany,Lombardy and Lazio). Thanks
velvet replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Thanks JacksterJam Yes the visa and Permesso di Soggiorno are two parts with the housing part attached to both. While our intention would be to stay in Italy we may take the opportunity to go to England in the month of August. However to leave Italy we will be required to request multiple entries on the visa application. Sadly the Italian Consulate in Melbourne has not been all that helpful I think the direct question I need to ask the consulate is "Is the housing requirement a lease for 12 months in one region or can you provide 3-4 leases. The reason we would definetly want the lease in Lucca for 4 months is that it may take this long to recieve the Permesso di Soggiorno once we arrive. We didn't want to apply for a visa with a lease for 3-4 months then have the visa refused because we have not complied with all the requirements. Thanks
velvet replied on May 16, 2015 with:
Thanks JacksterJam As you explained the visa and Permesso di Soggiorare are two different parts,with the housing condition requirement attached to both parts. To leave Italy while on the elective residency visa (and we would probably stay there for the whole year)you must apply for multple entries. However with no border control points as such I am not sure how this is managed. Sadly the Italian Consulate in Melbourne isn't clear about it either and as you suggested "Different offices, at times, apply the "rules" differently," Just didn't want to apply for the visa and then have it refused because we don't meet the criteria of housing by providing a three or four month lease. Regards
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ZHANGLIMAN posted about the british school in milan on the Italy forum on May 15, 2015:
hi, i plan to move to milan with my family, my daughter is in year 3 british school now, as i know there are ISM, SJHS and St Louis , which is better? and my work adress will be near Lorenteggio 257. thanks a lot!
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property in ItalyTHIS IS A STEAL ON AN INDEPENDENT FARM HOUSE (RUSTICO) IN ITALY. A very spacious country-style kitchen with an island, pantry and gorgeous brick ceiling. The two French doors leads out to the patio and grass yard.
brandyvee posted Family cohesion stay permit? on the Italy forum on May 11, 2015:
My husband and I are planning to apply for study visas soon to do a year-long Italian language course in Firenze that starts in September. We will also be applying for visas for our 2 children, ages 15 and 12, to travel with us. We have been advised to apply for Nulla Ostas for the kids once we receive our visas, but we are very concerned about the possibility of not receiving them in time to get the kids' visas before our scheduled departure on Aug. 31. I have recently learned of something called a “family cohesion” stay permit. I ran across a blog post of a family who was moving to Italy for a Sabbatical year and the consulate in Detroit advised them to have their children travel on tourist visas and then apply for family cohesion when they applied for their permessos. Has anyone heard of this or gone this route? I would appreciate any help you can offer!
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sbuckley22 posted English Caravan For Sale on the Italy forum on May 11, 2015:
English Caravan For Sale. It is a Fleetwood Crystal 165-5, 1993 very well kept and loved. In very good condition We no longer need our caravan that we lived in wile we built our house in Frosinone. It has been a wonderful home for us and is in excellent condition with no damp. It is currently stowing my clothes but I feel it is time for her to move on and be more than a large wardrobe and for someone else to get pleasure from. It is called a 5 birth as there are sofa’s at the front which can be made into a very large double bed, and a dining area at the back which can be made into a double bed and it also comes with a removal bunkbed. It has a bathroom, gas oven and hob, refrigerator, porch awning, gas heater, Spare wheel. Registration certificate, Wheel lock, 40 litre water barrel with pump Really good condition. Available to view by appointment
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johnbrad replied to the thread Time Share Available on the Italy forum:
johnbrad initially posted:
Nashville, TN Anyone know if there are timeshare like apartments for sale in Rome? Am interested in renting/buying an apartment far enough from the center of Rome so that the price would be lower. Can anyone advise me on this? still looking for a month rental in September this year. Thanks
johnbrad replied on May 10, 2015 with:
I visited the site and it is really helpful Thanks again
johnbrad replied on May 06, 2015 with:
Thank you very much. I will be contacting them shortly. Good Day to you
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