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property in Italy3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with appliances, lamps, fireplace, garage, built-in bookshelves, children rooms with furniture, wooden floor, new windows, electrical and heating systems in compliance with codes, large balcony. Visit the apartment at
Sergios replied to the thread Want desperately to move to Italy on the Italy forum on August 31, 2014:
muffett42 initially posted:
Hello and thank you for allowing me to join this group. I am hoping I can gain some information and advice from this site. I am hoping and praying I can move to Italy to live . I am a sinlge , mature woman, who has worked hard her entire life, I am a in home caregiver to the elderly. I am single, no other, just me. I have dreamed of Italy my entire life, for as long as I can remember. I worked their once for a family in Rome, as a nanny. I am getting older now, and want with all my heart and soul to live in Italy. I love this country, the people, the food, the art, everything about this country is wonderful and so interesting. I just adore all of it. Please if anyone can help me with some information about moving there to stay I would be so very grateful. Thank you all again.. God Bless.
Sergios replied on August 31, 2014 with:
As admirable as your desire to be in Italy is, it isn't enough. Since you are not specific about your circumstances, I cannot respond specifically. Generally however, it is not a simple process. The Italian government will not welcome you with open arms unless you can prove that you can overcome certain benchmarks. Unless you can prove that you will not be a burden to the state, you will not be allowed in except if you can prove that you are an italian national, or married to an italian national. If that does not describe you, then you need to prove that you have a job in Italy or are self sufficient [a regular income such as a pension or retirement fund or even social security or a large enough bank account the will last the rest of your life]. You also need to focus on where you want to live; what kind of life style you want. You mentioned Rome. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice are very expensive places to live. If you can afford it fine but if you can't, will you be happy in the "cheaper" places to live? Last point. I would collect all my important documents and have them made acceptable to the italian government by adding and apostle. You could look that up on the web for more information. good luck
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Caccicoo replied to the thread Buying a car in Italy on the Italy forum on August 30, 2014:
steffi14 initially posted:
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with the process in buying and registering and insuring a car in Italy. I will be moving there permanently in the Spring. I already have residency but have read about the process and am a bit confused. I will probably purchase from a dealership however in everything I have read it states that the insurance needs to be in place prior to taking the car. If this true? What if I am not sure which car I want to buy until I get to a particular dealership? After I pay for the car will the dealer give me the paperwork and then I can take it to an office of the automobile club near my home to purchase insurance? Please someone help
Caccicoo replied on August 30, 2014 with:
We just bought a car this summer. We bought from a dealer and he helped us arrange for insurance which we got after we bought the car but before we drove it off the lot. Make sure you shop around for insurance. We got quotes from 3000E for the year down to 480E for 6 months. Something to note about Italian car insurance, if you are going out of the country, you can put your insurance on "pause" while you are away so you are not paying for insurance while you are not using the car. A very useful and cost saving thing to know.
steffi14 replied on August 25, 2014 with:
Thank You for your sharing your experience, it will help me a lot.
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scarampi posted Car Trailer in Italy on the Italy forum on August 29, 2014:
Good morning, can anybody offer advice on the following; I am thinking of having a towbar fitted to my car, which is Italian registered. The procedure for this is clear to me regarding a revision for the car and a change to the insurance policy. The confusion starts with buying and legally using a Trailer. I have heard that if you register the trailer only to the plate of the car, then the car can only be sold with the trailer. I have also heard that to avoid this, you have to independently register the Trailer with it's own plate (no matter what size) and also attach a plate matching the car? Has anyone any understanding of correct procedures/information and ideas of costs? Regards
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maluza86 replied to the thread Dental and Eye Care on the Italy forum on August 28, 2014:
whidden39 initially posted:
Does the Health Care system for Italian citizens include any type of benefit for dental or eye exams and/or treatments? Are prescription eyeglasses paid fully by the patient?
maluza86 replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Exactly true...on a good side, appointments to your primary care doctor are free, and specialist appointments are between €25 and €40.
whidden39 replied on August 25, 2014 with:
Niente! That's easy to remember. Thanks!
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aratal posted Lonely in Livorno on the Italy forum on August 27, 2014:
Ciao tutti! I moved here from Portland, Oregon last September to live with my husband in Livorno. It's been a rough year, as I haven't made any friends as of yet, and could have been studying a bit more diligently to speak Italian. My husband speaks fluent English and we can't manage to converse in Italian on a regular basis - concepts that I want to express just get too complicated for my level. I work at home for an American company, so I stay at home a lot. Anyone here living in Livorno at the moment? We've been having such gorgeous weather and I'd love to go out and actually enjoy it over gelato with someone.
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arjacey replied to the thread What's Next? An introduction... on the Italy forum on August 26, 2014:
arjacey initially posted:
Firstly, apologies to anyone who has already seen this post elsewhere but the more information we can get, the better.... We have spent the last 7 year's summers in the Ionian Islands and are now starting to plan our next move. On the way here, in May of this year, we spent a month driving around parts of Italy (Tuscany and south) that might be of interest. I knew Tuscany a little so we spent some time near Bagni di Lucca before moving on to Magliano in Toscana, near Grosetto, Roma, Calabria (San Nicola and Longobardi), Puglia (near Lecche), the Gargano, Abruzzo (Calascio) and Umbria (near Fabro). In all the places we visited, we met some lovely and helpful people, stayed in fantastic, and sometimes quirky, accommodation courtesy of AirBnB, but felt immediately at home in Umbria and particularly spending time shopping in Fabro Scalo and the wine bar in Monte Giove. We would love to be in Italy next year, taking maybe a six month minimum rental near Fabro somewhere, but first we have to sell our boat here (which is our Greek home). Anyway, there is so much research to do and so much else to consider. As I said, we've been in Greece for a while so we expect 'challenges' similar to those here and are looking forward to the culture, not just the art, food and wine, but also the general way of life. We don't expect to be on an extended holiday, we do want to live in Italy and would maybe consider a permanent move at some stage. We're shortly going to begin looking for a 4 week rental in that area starting around mid-October (2014) so we can do more exploration, make sure that this really is the place for us and find out more of the detail of rental and living in Italy. We won't be looking for much, a one or two bedroom apartment with some decent living space maybe, but country location might be nice. I love cooking but am coming to terms with Italian kitchens in rental properties, so a good kitchen would be nice but I have low expectations. I think heating, which was missing in most places in May and was needed on some occasions, would be a necessity also. As I will be working, the ability to connect to the internet, not necessarily a provided connection, but network coverage for one of the Italian providers, would be good although we know this is sometimes difficult in out of the way places. If anyone knows of such a place, let me know .... ....and if anyone has details of the expat community around that area (Città della Pieve, possibly) and could let me know how to get it touch, that would be good also. We met some people who told us this existed, I think there is a newspaper, but we took no details and haven't been able to find any information on the Internet. We have a much longer wish list for our longer term rental, of which we know we won't get everything. But more of that when we are closer to moving... Thanks for listening... Grazie Mille Ciao
arjacey replied on August 26, 2014 with:
TheresaIT replied on August 21, 2014 with:
I am not technologically prone, so don't know the correct name, but I purchased what might be considered a "hot spot" 14.4 USB "adapter" for my computer when in Torino. Granted, it wasn't the country, but I was able to get reliable Internet service everywhere, despite difficulties with WiFi in the apartment I was renting. The one I have is a TIM. I am also self-employed and need reliable Internet. This was a God send.
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TheresaIT replied to the thread Move - What to Bring? on the Italy forum:
Imodica initially posted:
Does anyone have any suggestions of what to bring with you when moving from US to Italy for one year? Going to have a furnished apt in each place we stay until we decide on a final destination.
TheresaIT replied on August 23, 2014 with:
Thank you for taking the time! This is, indeed, a fantastic summary!
Sergios replied on August 22, 2014 with:
What a fantastic summary. Thank you for that.
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amanzini replied to the thread Mattress Sizes in Italy on the Italy forum on August 22, 2014:
amanzini initially posted:
Can someone interpret the Italian size of what we call in the US "King Size" and in Italy "Matrimoniale". I have looked at for reference, but what I have seen does not make sense.
amanzini replied on August 22, 2014 with:
Thank you!
maluza86 replied on August 22, 2014 with:
Good info already posted, but check this website out as well: This is pretty accurate from what I've seen here: An Italian "matrimoniale" bed is 180-190 cm wide and 200 cm long, or 72"-74" wide and 78" long. American queen bed is 60" x 80"; American king is 76" x 80".
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TonyB01 posted Bike Guides & Area Manager Wanted in or near Siena on the Italy forum on August 18, 2014:
Looking for part time bike guides and an area manager to run local operations for a US self-guided bike tour company. Work is seasonal and part time. Could be ideal for an expat. Contact me for more details.
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