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TheresaIT posted In Trieste on the Italy forum on September 20, 2014:
I arrived in Trieste a week ago tomorrow, exploring the possibility of living here. Would love to meet up, if anyone reading this is in the area. Ciao, Theresa
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AngelaG replied to the thread Looking for a chat (and perhaps a cup of tea and a laugh)... on the Italy forum on September 20, 2014:
cesaremn initially posted:
I live more or less half way between Florence and Bologna. I'm a middle aged Italian man. Having lived a long while abroad, I don't feel quite at home here. Sometimes I wonder where home is... Once you travel extensively you feel like a foreigner even when you're back in your home country. Does anybody out there feel the same or is it just me?
AngelaG replied on September 20, 2014 with:
Dear Cesaremn, No, it's not only you feeling this way... I am actually totally suprised that someone who doesn't know me, found the best words to describe the way I feel. I am a Bulgarian mid age woman, who came back home after 10 years abroad and... It is not the same place/people/feelings I left... Now again asking myself "Where my home is?" and more often see as an answer - "Where you feel good" It will be pleasure to chat, Cesaremn :-)
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Sergios replied to the thread DVD's in Italy on the Italy forum on September 18, 2014:
Imodica initially posted:
Wondering what to do with all my DVD's from the US. From what I understand, you can't watch them on Italian equipment, correct?
Sergios replied on September 18, 2014 with:
This may be difficult to embrace but we have reached a point that DVD's, even blueray, are obsolete. They are pieces of plastic, with cherished content, that have been replaced with streaming. You can get almost anything without the "disc". An amazon or netflix or other account is available where ever you are and you don't need shelf space.
maluza86 replied on September 18, 2014 with:
That should be "will not work on an Italian DVD player"
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Paminusa replied to the thread shipping from nyc to Rome on the Italy forum on September 18, 2014:
lamoltissima initially posted:
Looking for recommendations of shipping companies that are reasonable and reliable
Paminusa replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Are you looking for shipping household goods or packages? If it is packages, use a service like UPS or DHL to send and track your things. DO NOT use the postal system. For household goods, not sure. We had a relocation service do that. Be prepared for a language issue with delivery people if you do not speak Italian. I hired a translator to help with that.
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palazzogal posted critera for long term home rental? on the Italy forum on September 17, 2014:
Hello What kinds of information do estate agents/landlords check on potential renters? Is it like the US where a credit.check is run, etc? Thanks
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scarampi posted British TV in Pordenone area. on the Italy forum on September 16, 2014:
Hi, is there anyone living in the Pordenone, Sacile, Udine region who would know if you can receive British TV and what size dish would be required. Thanks for any available information
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Tuscany, Italy
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Be prepared to open your own business, if you plan on working.

Don't expect to find the same food or products in grocery stores.

Don't expect anything to be translated.

Try to connect with other expats,as you may not be afforded the opportunity to connect with the locals. Sometimes, they can be very standoffish with an air of cultural superiority.

If you are American, expect many to believe that your culture is everything seen in the movies or videos.

If you are a teenager, and person of color, don't be surprised if young hiphop listeners use the N word. Don't get angry,and don't blame them, blame hiphop.

If you are Native American, don't be surprised if you see the words, "Rosso Pelle" or Red skin in school and childrens books.

If you are Jewish, don't be surprised to see swastika graffiti on the walls.

Lastly, don't be frightened by anything I have written in this block. See it and judge for yourself. Just like America, everyone is not the same and every town is different. (Continue)

patGarcia replied most recently with:
Very well said. I like your report. Right now, I am living in Germany, but I plan to move to Italy sometime in 2016. Thanks. Ciao, Patricia
A reader replied recently with:
The Native Americans can be called "pellerossa", not "Rosso Pelle".
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taffyg23 posted Restaurant In Como on the Italy forum on September 10, 2014:
Hi for those expats who are looking for a nice restaurant & cocktail bar with friendly staff in the Como area visit Mediterraneo on via Indipendeza. Its got a lovely menu and drinks selection. It would be also nice meet some fellow expats in the area too. their website is
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maluza86 replied to the thread Car Trailer in Italy on the Italy forum:
scarampi initially posted:
Good morning, can anybody offer advice on the following; I am thinking of having a towbar fitted to my car, which is Italian registered. The procedure for this is clear to me regarding a revision for the car and a change to the insurance policy. The confusion starts with buying and legally using a Trailer. I have heard that if you register the trailer only to the plate of the car, then the car can only be sold with the trailer. I have also heard that to avoid this, you have to independently register the Trailer with it's own plate (no matter what size) and also attach a plate matching the car? Has anyone any understanding of correct procedures/information and ideas of costs? Regards
maluza86 replied on September 10, 2014 with:
Sorry, I have not heard of the "overstamping" you mention, but in Italy, everything is possible :-). However, my son bought and registered a trailer and completed the transaction as mentioned in my previous post. He has not heard of the overstamping you mention either. Ciao for now.
scarampi replied on September 04, 2014 with:
Many thanks for the information which was very helpful. Can I ask if you know - is there a Voltura cost to pay on the trailer (as you have to with a car when changing ownership) I understand you can buy a small trailer without its own Libretto, then have it over-stamped onto your Car Libretto, it is therefore without its own number plate but is 'part' of the car ??? Have you ever come across this ? In this situation I think you then have to sell the trailer and car together - any comment ?
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Londoncalling posted Luca expat community? on the Italy forum on September 09, 2014:
Hi all I'm moving to Lucca in Italy soon and wondered whether there are any expat groups or social clubs I could join as looking to make new friends. I'm integers tend in many things, culture, food, sports, music, books, travel. If anyone could let me know if there is anything like that there I'd be very grateful. Best
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