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Imodica replied to the thread Unfurnished Rentals on the Italy forum on July 22, 2014:
amanzini initially posted:
We have been looking at apartment listings, and many show desirable apartments completely empty, without kitchen cabinets. To rent one of these places, I assume it would be for a long term, since you need a major outlay to set the place up. Since a kitchen is not exactly portable, what happens at the end of the lease?
Imodica replied 5 hours ago with:
I get what you are saying Sergios - I just hate to pay for something that I already own here.
TheresaIT replied 7 hours ago with:
Thanks for sharing this. I wasn't aware of the tax piece. Good to know.
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Sergios replied to the thread Required income for retiring to Italy on the Italy forum:
Ewoodoff initially posted:
Hello, Although my husband and I had hoped to retire to Italy in the future, I've just been made aware that in order to get the type of visa needed, we would have to have a combined income of $8,000 per month! This has effectively ended our dream. Does anyone know anything otherwise? What am I missing? Not many people have that kind of retirement income.
Sergios replied 11 hours ago with:
The larger numbers are the daily rates multiplied by 31 days.
Imodica replied 11 hours ago with:
It is per YEAR. This has been an ongoing subject and it truly seems that it up to the consulate you visit for your visa. I live in AZ and the regional consulate in Phoenix told my husband and I that it will depend on where you want to live to prove self sufficiency. If you want to go to Rome or Tuscany, you will have to show more yearly income to sustain yourselves than if you were moving to a town in the Abruzzi region.
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markantony posted Pet and house sitter looking for assignment in September on the Italy forum on July 20, 2014:
I am a philosophy student at Columbia University who is very interested in looking after your home and pets in September (dates flexible). I speak English, Russian, and a bit of French and seek somewhere quiet and relaxing to work on my poetry before enrolling at Oxford in October. I grew up with cats and dogs, so I am very comfortable around them. I also have experience gardening and maintaining my family’s country home. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think we can work something out. Again, my dates within the month of September (I could even arrive at the very end of August and leave in the early days of October) are flexible. Thanks, Mark
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property in ItalyElba Island (Tuscany, Italy) Sale of a construction of circa 350 square meters with circa 3000 square meters of land in the municipality of Campo nell' Elba.
Sergios replied to the thread Health Insurance on the Italy forum on July 16, 2014:
dondawallacepool initially posted:
What does Italy require for Health Insurance for a resident visa? The application states that they are wanting travel insurance. Any information from anyone there?
Sergios replied on July 16, 2014 with:
They want proof that if you get sick, your bills will be paid. That is until you establish residency. I have blue cross/blue shield with the blue card with coverage in Europe.
dondawallacepool replied on July 16, 2014 with:
Thanks for the tip!
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Mandyo replied to the thread Bloom International College Milan, Italy on the Italy forum:
schoolboy initially posted:
Hello all, I would like to ask if anyone has ever had there child attend this school?. 1. If so what was your experiences? 2. Is it professional? 3. Do children follow an English education system? 4. Does the school have a high staff turnover? 5. Are classrooms always active and monitored and taught by schoolteachers? 6. Do they have fully equipped facilities? e.g science and maths equipment? 7. Do children progress and is their learning support in mother tongue english? 8. Do they follow european standards quality of teaching? Many thanks for any feedback.
Mandyo replied on July 14, 2014 with:
Hello, did you end up working at the school? I had a horrendous experience there...
Mandyo replied on July 14, 2014 with:
This is the worst run school ever. I was really looking forward to moving to Italy to teach. I moved and it was living hell. Never got paid on time. Sometimes never got paid. Made to feel stupid when asking for wages. Treated like you are thick constantly. They bully staff and make them feel inferior. I fled Italy after 4 months and it was the best decision I ever made leaving that 'school. NEVER work there!!!
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mcmash replied to the thread Postal Service on the Italy forum:
dondawallacepool initially posted:
How is the Italian postal service these days? Are there any special guidelines for receiving packages from out of Italy??
mcmash replied most recently with:
The poste italiane website (and the USPS website) has a long list of things that cannot be mailed to Italy. Other than checking that, I recommend that things be sent insured via a trackable method. You will probably have to pay duty/taxes on items, even if marked gifts--a poste carte prepagate is useful. We haven't had any problems (other than how long it takes) in getting things we have ordered via e-bay, amazon, etc. Since we live on top of a hill and don't have a car we have ordered a lot of things from various vendors in Italy, Germany and Great Britain, and so far everything has arrived safely. Things from the US take a while to clear customs--it took 3 weeks for a microsoft surface our daughter sent us to clear customs and we had to pay 55 euros duty (still cheaper than buying it here) but on the plus side you can request email updates and track your package online. At least in the north, it seems that the postal service isn't bad.
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mcmash posted question about renewing the PdiS on the Italy forum:
Can anyone tell me if we have to fill out modulo 2 (about work) if we are renewing a PdiS residenza eletiva and thus not planning to work? I would think not but I seem to recall having to fill it out the first time. Any help from someone who has been through it welcomed. thanks!
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maluza86 replied to the thread Moving 3 Boys 10,10, 8 on the Italy forum:
jn3 initially posted:
Hello, We are in the final stages of planning a move to Rome and I am trying to get my head around two things: 1) sports. Our kids play baseball, track, soccer and wrestle. I was hoping to be able to see if they have any of these organized youth sports leagues in Rome through an established network so I could say "look - they have (insert sport) in Rome - we just need to figure it out!". Or - they don't have this sport but they do have a different sport you should try and that is XXX! 2) Schools - we will be coming through US government so trying to figure out the best schools we should be looking at. Trying to find the most international experience possible. I am sure there are posts on this but couldn't find them. Thanks in advance for your help.
maluza86 replied most recently with:
Have you looked at the American Overseas School of Rome? Also, depending on what part of the government, I am sure there are others in your situation at the Embassy. If you google American or International Schools in Rome, there are many more options, especially with all the different Embassies in Rome. Good luck.
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