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Jergirl posted ongoing property taxes on the Italy forum on April 18, 2015:
The information I've have is that the annual tax on a property in Italy is based on value. Is size not a factor at all? Perhaps there are local taxes, such as municipal taxes, that take size into account? I am looking at apartments in Siracusa, and am weighing different factors. Thanks for any ideas.
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2cartalkers replied to the thread Expat Wanting to Move to Italy and teach English on the Italy forum on April 16, 2015:
Paisanofromstlouis initially posted:
I am in the process of securing my Italian citizenship via jus sanguinis. I plan to retire to Italy (preferably Sicily where my grandparents were from) in Spring/Summer of 2016. I have a Journalism degree from the highly-touted University of Missouri Journalism School. What cities/towns would afford me the best opportunity to teach English? I am not necessarily interested in the highest level of teaching or the highest salary. A presto!
2cartalkers replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Thank you!
whidden39 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Trafford Cole's service today may have nothing to do with the Mormon Church. Regardless, he is very accomplished and had lived in Italy.
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Stefanos posted Soccer Game Attendant on the Italy forum on April 15, 2015:
Hello to all We are looking for people that speak English, know the basics of football, are willing to go to soccer matches of any Serie A team of the town they live in and get paid to provide live updates by using key words. There is no problem if you already have a job because its only 2 hours of work, with very good payment per game. If you are interested, please make contact for more information ( Thank you.
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Algheroteacher posted Book Group Alghero on the Italy forum on April 15, 2015:
Is there an English language book group in Alghero? I am an English teacher and would love to attend one with my advanced students. Please reply or get in touch through www,, thanks.
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maluza86 replied to the thread italian tax on pensions on the Italy forum:
crescendo74 initially posted:
my husband and i have income which consists of u.s. social security and pensions from work for the state of alaska and state of Hawaii, plus IRA withdrawals. 1. are these taxed in Italy? If so can i get credit against us. taxes. I know i could get credit against u.s. taxes for income earned and taxed in italy, but what about U.s. pensions taxed in italy? what about the IRA withdrawals. Is money held in IRAs without being withdrawn subject to Italian asset tax? What percentage. Who can i contact near Genova to answer these questions??
maluza86 replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Also, if you want to reply to someone directly and not in the forum, you can use the private message link.
maluza86 replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Nope, only US taxes. I am not an Italian citizen, I don't work in Italy, and don't own any property...just pay rent. Sorry, don't have a commercialista.
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JacksterJam posted U.S. Pension and Italian Taxes on the Italy forum on April 13, 2015:
I am getting such conflicting answers to my taxation question that I'm hoping someone can direct me to a good source for reliable information. I am a U.S. citizen currently in Italy to study and travel. I am not an Italian citizen. I have a permanent home in the U.S., but I had to register residency in Italy in order to open a bank account, which I use solely to pay my apartment rent and utilities in Italy. I transfer the minimum amount I need from my bank in the U.S. Now, I'm thinking that was a big mistake! I am a retired teacher and I am being told by Italian tax accountants that I must pay taxes to Italy on my pension because I registered residency in Italy. I have not made Italy my permanent home; I am here to study the language and travel. I understood that my "tax residency" is in the U.S., but the Italian accountants disagree. I have read so many conflicting articles regarding "tax residency" and pension taxation as they relate to the Tax Treaty that I don't know which way to turn. Can anyone give me a direction? Thanks much.
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maluza86 replied to the thread Watching American TV in Italy on the Italy forum on April 10, 2015:
Sergios initially posted:
Lets face it, Italian TV for those used to American TV is terrible. Not to say that American TV is the greatest but the endless variety shows and game shows and the dozens of shopping networks makes Italian TV pretty miserable fare. To counteract this I brought an Apple TV with me. There starts my story of woe. There is a happy ending and everything turned the way I needed it to and it was dead simple to do in the end so if you want to skip the details and go to the solution, just go to the end. Before leaving for Italy a did some research and found that by using what is called a VPN setup, Virtual Private Network, I can fool the US based providers like HBO, HULU, and Netflix into not knowing I was trying to watch there stuff from outside the USA. They impose a Geoblock on such programming. The trick is to not let them know where your watching from. VPN, specifically for Apple TV but also for the other devices out there made by amazon and google and others, streaming devices, uses a second internet router attached to the home router you are using. This second router is instructed to go through a VPN provider [pay service] that channels the internet connection through servers that they have setup in many places in the US. I first used the most recommended of these, HideMyAss and soon found that either I had to by a specifically setup router through them, or I had to modify a recommended router using a third party software to “flash” my router. After searching all over Palermo I found one of the recommended routers and applied the flash according to instructions. The router, which I bought on sale for 100 euro, successfully bricked when I was done. To those who don’t now the technical jargon, bricked means that my brand new router was turned into a brick. It had the functionality of a brick and the usefulness of a brick. And since I flashed it I also removed the warrantee. After countless hours dealing with tech support I gave up on this company. Back to the internet I found another VPN company, pureVPN, that could work with existing routers, but only specific ones, none of which were available off the shelf in Palermo. So I ordered an Asus router from and waited. It took 2 weeks to get because of various issues I’m not going to get into but…it didn’t work. I spent hours, days with tech support but the unit would not do what it was supposed to do, allow me to see Hulu and HBO. Finally, I did some research on the internet and found out how to set it up and it worked, sort-of. I taught tech support how to do it. The problem was, however, that the connection was slow. It would constantly buffer while watching. The internet connection I had had been upgrade to the fastest available, for an added cost of $500/year but I was still get very slow throughput through the Asus router. SoI went into the menu and tinkered and found a setting that promised greater speed. I set it, rebooted the router and found that i was the proud owner of a second brick. Now a month into this and very frustrated, I did some more research. This time, by accident, I came across another company that did not use VPN but what is called Smart DNS. This does not require a router but just a simple setting on your computer and smart phone and directly into the Apple TV. to make the change takes minutes and costs nothing other than the monthly charge to the service provider. However, I soon found out that not all these service providers are up to standards. Some are more difficult to setuo than other and some do not work as advertised. Through trial and error I eventually found that I need two service providers. One for the AppleTV and the other for my wife’s obsession with pop american radio. I could not find one provider that would work with both. SmartyDNS is the company that works really well with the AppleTV and its only about $5.00 month while ExpressVPN is the company that works with radio stations. Only use the expressvpn while listening to the radio because it really slows down your computer or table if you try to surf the web or anything else. SmartyDNS is fast but I could not get it to allow me to listen to radio. Maybe there is a way. If anybody else finds it, please let me know. But for now, Game of Thrones will be on time and in HD.
maluza86 replied on April 10, 2015 with:
I use unblock-US DNS service and have had no issues at all. What kind and how are you accessing your "Pop Radio" stations? I use AppleTV to watch most programs via Hulu and Netflix, listen to ITunes Radio and take advantage of using my brother's VerizonFIOS info to watch ESPN and the rest of the TV apps on Apple TV, Disney Channel (grandkids) etc. I also use Amazon Instant Video and mirror the image from my MacBook through my AppleTV, and sometimes listen to music via Pandora. The thing to remember about a VPN is it secures your data, which will slow down you Internet speed. So if you need that capability that's the way to go. I routinely travel and work in Abu Dhabi and use a VPN there as I do not want the Emirati's looking into what I am doing. In Italy that is not a problem, so you are basically wasting your money when a DNS will suffice.
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johnbrad posted Apartment rental Rome near Terimini on the Italy forum on April 08, 2015:
I will be visiting Italy this summer for two months and would like to rent an apartment, studio, (flat?) . One person. Would be great to have WIFI. I have a 'handyman' background if this would help. Thank you
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Jergirl replied to the thread Property Selling Issues on the Italy forum:
cdelaney initially posted:
Good morning everyone! My name is Carrol, I'm Canadian and currently live in Puglia, where I spent the last 17 years working as a freelance english teacher. I now wish to move back to Canada and wish to know about the legal ramifications to selling my property. Can anyone advise?
Jergirl replied on April 07, 2015 with:
thanks for this information, it is really helpful. I am a buyer. I have some questions: At what stage would a building engineer be brought in to evaluate the property? I would hope to to have this done before putting down too much money. How long does this process take? I'm asking because I have only around half of the money for the final purchase price now, but for other reasons this would be a good time to start looking. The full amount I will have in three months. Does it sound reasonable to sign a Proposta "Irrevocabile d’Acquisto" now? I'm assuming a payment schedule would only be established with the contract. Thanks for any information.
whidden39 replied on March 23, 2015 with:
I will be on the buying end of the transaction when I purchase property in Puglia -- hopefully later this year. My house in the States is on the market right now. Be sure to let us know something about the property when you are ready to place it on the market.
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