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10/10/2016 08:45 EST

After many visa problems, my husband and I have been very happily living in San Gemini (TR) in Umbria since mid-July. We just learned through a total body scan that my husband has pretty extensive prostate cancer metastases. Has anyone been through cancer treatment(s) here in Italy to recommend good, English speaking oncologists, radiologists, facilities? Thanks!

10/10/2016 15:45 EST

I am sorry to hear this.

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10/10/2016 18:48 EST

Thank you, Velvet. ??

10/11/2016 02:31 EST

Vanverven, I'm so sorry to learn this. I don't have direct experience with cancer treatments, but a friend is being treated in Bologna for lukemia and he is happy with his course of treatment and his doctors. Here is a link to a site that might be useful, or provide a place for you to start. http://www.onlymyhealth.com/cancer-hospitals-in-italy-1322213510

10/11/2016 12:01 EST

Thanks JacksterJam. We'll look into that possibility. If you hear of anything else, please let me know.

10/12/2016 08:21 EST

First of all, I am so sorry your husband is having to go through with this (and you as well)! However, they are working miracles with prostate mets, including here in Italy.

Second, below is some info to get you started on your research for the right medical care:

a) you should probably stick to a fairly large hospital, i.e. in one of the larger cities, primarily because you need 1. an MD who speaks English and 2. a place where they are experts and see many such cases.
Based on your location, I would shoot for either Florence or Rome. Arguably, the best onco care in Italy is available in Turin and/or Milan, but Florence and Rome both have excellent onco centres. Here is a site that rates Italian onco care centres for male repr. system cancers: http://www.corriere.it/salute/sportello_cancro/db/mdc/tutte/2014/mdc12.shtml . The list is in Italian, but you can see the names of the centres and where they are located.

b) Here is the English-language site (bad translation, but A for effort, right?) for the Careggi Hospital in Florence: http://www.aou-careggi.toscana.it/internet/index.php?lang=en# (Careggi came in second on the rating list detailed in point a) above).

c) Consider asking your local primary care physician (medico di base) where he/she would suggest getting care, and with whom. They may give you some valuable advice.

d) Finally, you might want to get in touch with your consulate/embassy (Rome) to ask whether they might recommend either a physician or an entire hospital. Some embassies do that (the US embassy is not great for giving out information, but does have an entire page for Rome: https://it.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/67/2016/09/ACS-Doctors-Rome.pdf )

Feel free to send me a private message if you need any further information at all, and I wish you both the very best!

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Need health insurance in Italy? William Russell's private medical insurance will cover you and your family wherever you may be. Whether you need primary care or complex surgery, you'll have access to the best hospitals & doctors available. Unlike some insurers, we also include medical evacuation and mental health cover in our plans (except SilverLite).

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10/13/2016 12:32 EST

Thank you so much karinainmilan. I have already begun to research those sites. My husband has an appointment with an oncologist in Terni tomorrow, but if we're not satisfied or have too much trouble with language, for sure we will look elsewhere. Again, thanks soooo much for the resources. <3

10/14/2016 04:56 EST

We're rooting for BOTH of you! Keep us posted, and I will be on the lookout for your updates.

Huge expat hug for you both!

10/23/2016 21:09 EST

Dear Vanderven,

I hope your husband has found a doctor that he is happy with. I don't know of the physician's name, but I have an acquaintance who is from the US and currently lives in Bologna. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a year or so ago and was delighted with her care.

Wishing your husband and you all the best.

10/24/2016 08:30 EST

Thanks ThersaIT. So far, the care and attention he's getting in Terni, close to where we live, has been excellent. They have a team of oncologists and radiologists who confer weekly about cases, and so he is on a plan now. Someone else had mentioned Bologna, so if we neee further help, we will make sure to check it out. Thanks again!

10/31/2016 19:22 EST

So happy to hear your husband is in good hands and getting excellent care.

All the best to both of you!

11/1/2016 07:37 EST

Really sorry to hear this. We are hoping to move to Italy shortly and in my web browing I came across this Italian hospital, ranking site. http://hospitals.webometrics.info/en/europe/italy%20 The number one slot is held by an oncology hospital in Veneto. Not sure how they rank the hospitals but it might be a guide. Best of luck

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